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World geography quiz

World geography quiz What was the name of the supercontinent that existed over 200 million years ago? On which continent did mankind’s upright ancestors originate?Our world is an exciting place, full of wonder! It is also a complex place, and geography helps us explain and understand it.This test measures your knowledge of geography, or your "Geography IQ".

Question 1 from 8: Toronto is the capital city of the North American country of Canada.
Question 2 from 8: What year is on the flag of the US state Wisconsin?
Question 3 from 8: What is the capital of British Columbia, Canada?
Question 4 from 8: Which of these cities has a 4° East longitude.
Question 5 from 8: The Battle of Trafalgar took place on October 23rd, 1805
Question 6 from 8: What is the name of the ship which was only a few miles away from the RMS Titanic when it struck an iceberg on April 14, 1912?
Question 7 from 8: Which of these countries was sea charted in 1500 by the Portuguese maritime explorations?
Question 8 from 8: In what year did the Wall Street Crash take place?