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Who was Zeus ?

Who was Zeus ? For some, the bold and sometimes bloody adventures of Hercules and Zeus, and the charms of Elena and Aphrodite seem to have a profound meaning about the human condition. For others, all these episodes of Greek mythology are rustic stories, elaborated by the infinite genius of Greek poets.But the myths of ancient Greece are among the most fascinating stories in the history of mankind.Take this quiz and show us that you are a big fan of mythology stories.

Question 1 from 12: Neptune's greek name was...
Question 2 from 12: Rannamaari was a sea demon that haunted the people of the Maldives and had to be appeased monthly with the sacrifice of a virgin girl.
Question 3 from 12: In most traditions, who was the wife of Zeus?
Question 4 from 12: Who was the King of Gods in Ancient Greek mythology?
Question 5 from 12: According to Greek Mythology, Zeus can control lightning.
Question 6 from 12: The ancient roman god of war was commonly known as...
Question 7 from 12: In Norse mythology, what is the name of the serpent which eats the roots of the ash tree Yggdrasil?
Question 8 from 12: The Japanese god Izanagi successfully returned his wife Izanami from the Underworld.
Question 9 from 12: Which of the following is NOT a god in Norse Mythology.
Question 10 from 12: What was the punishment for Sysiphus's craftiness?
Question 11 from 12: Nidhogg is a mythical creature from what mythology?
Question 12 from 12: The Roman god "Jupiter" was first known as "Zeus" to the Greeks.