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THE hardest car quiz ever!

THE hardest car quiz ever! Is your brain smart enough to handle the workings of an internal combustion engine? Most modern cars use internal combustion engines, or the reciprocating piston engine, as some call it. But engines have a long and fascinating history and have been engineered in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Do you even know how many cylinders are in your engine? Taking this quiz is more vital than ever.

Question 1 from 8: Which Variable Valve Timing technology is used by BMW?
Question 2 from 8: Which of these car models are produced by Lamborghini?
Question 3 from 8: Jaguar Cars was previously owned by which car manfacturer?
Question 4 from 8: When was Tesla founded?
Question 5 from 8: The full English name of the car manufacturer BMW is Bavarian Motor Works
Question 6 from 8: The LS1 engine is how many cubic inches?
Question 7 from 8: The Japanese Shinkansen beat the French TGV's speed record for fastest electric rail train.
Question 8 from 8: What kind of train was Stepney, a train on the Bluebell Railway notable for his appearance in "The Railway Series"?