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The amazing world of movies!

The amazing world of movies! There are a lot of movies from which we can learn a lot of new things, which, once watched, have a major impact, leave a mark on the one who invests little time in watching them.Like a book you read, a movie can introduce you to a world unprecedented, it can help you develop some personal capabilities, and it will surely broaden your horizons, your understanding, your guidance, and your intellectual level. Do you know who directed the movie "Alien"?Try this quiz and discover more about the amazing world of movies!

Question 1 from 9: What type of cheese, loved by Wallace and Gromit, had it's sale prices rise after their successful short films?
Question 2 from 9: What Queen song plays during the final fight scene of the film "Hardcore Henry"?
Question 3 from 9: What was the name of the planet in "Aliens"?
Question 4 from 9: Who directed the movie "Alien"?
Question 5 from 9: Darth Vader's famous reveal to Luke is iconic. But which of these is the right one?
Question 6 from 9: Which director directed the movie "Pan's Labyrinth"?
Question 7 from 9: Which movie contains the quote, "Say hello to my little friend!"?
Question 8 from 9: In which movie does Robin Williams' character have to disguise themselves into a woman?
Question 9 from 9: Which of the following was not one of 'The Magnificent Seven'?