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Sports and celebrity

Sports and celebrity Sport is an activity that influences lifestyle, health, personality and celebrity because it is a physical activity that involves competition as well. The study of sports development in human history indicates significant social changes that have taken place over the centuries in different cultures. Today's sport is an activity involving basic human, physical and mental abilities, seeking to improve these abilities to be used more efficiently. Let's see how much do you know about sport and celebrity!

Question 1 from 10: What is the name of a famous footballer, born of angolan father but who played for the national team of an European country, being dubbed "Black Pearl", "Black Panther" and "King"?
Question 2 from 10: In football and volleyball, there is a common term that calls a post on which a player evolves, with primary defensive attributions. What is it?
Question 3 from 10: Ce tenisman roman a fost totodata un component de baza al echipei Romaniei de hochei pe gheata, cu care a participat la Jocurile Olimpice de Iarna si Campionatul Mondial de Hochei?
Question 4 from 10: What gymnast in Romania won 6 medals at the 1988 Summer Olympics?
Question 5 from 10: What is the first pair of Romanian athletes dancing in the top 50 of the best dancers in the world?
Question 6 from 10: How many players does a basketball team has?
Question 7 from 10: Who was the Belgian cyclist surnamed Canibal who managed for the first time the performance of winning the Tour de France 5 times?
Question 8 from 10: What american tennis player has won two Wimbledon titles, five at the US Open and one at Melbourne, and is also the partner of Ilie Nastase in 2 doubles in Grand Slam tournaments?
Question 9 from 10: What was the first sportsman to swam in 1924, 100 meters under 1 minute?
Question 10 from 10: How many times does the runners with a 3000-meter hurdle has to jump over the water pit?