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Science and general culture 2

Science and general culture 2 Do you think you have a general culture developed? Do this test and find out how well you are prepared for science random questions! Part 2

Question 1 from 9: The simplest hydrocarbon contains a triple bond between its carbon atoms. What is the name of this colorless gas that is used in metal welding and cutting?
Question 2 from 9: An element with an extremely high melting point element is industrially used as a catalyst in the petroleum industry, for the manufacture of "darts" arrows and carbonate for industrial drilling and industrial saw blades. What is the name of this metal, which makes very tough compounds, but cashews?
Question 3 from 9: What is the name of the element that has a persistent garlic smell and it's one of the few elements that can form chemical bonds with gold, thus giving rise to the mineralized maneuver?
Question 4 from 9: Sapphire and ruby are the blue and red variants whose hard mineral?
Question 5 from 9: How is the English chemist who invented the siphon making it possible to have carbonated drinks?
Question 6 from 9: The hardness of the minerals is measured after a hardness scale of 1 to 10. What is the name of this scale?
Question 7 from 9: Who was the first to determine exactly the speed of sound in the water?
Question 8 from 9: Who discovered the carbon dioxide and the magnesium?
Question 9 from 9: What is the name of the instrument that measure the humidity of the air?