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Oscar Film Award

Oscar Film Award The American Academy of Film Awards or the Academy Awards are annual awards awarded by the American Academy of Film. The statuette awarded at the Oscars was designed and built by a director at MGM, named Cedric Gibbons, who is a knight who holds a sword in his hand and sits on a roll of five-arm film, each representing a department in the Academy Film: actors, screenwriters, directors, producers and technicians. The statuette at first had no name, some called it "the statue of the Academy," the "golden trophy," or "the statue of merit," and the press was called the "iron man." She came to be named Oscar because of the library Margaret Herrick, who later became the Academy's chief executive, who when he saw the statue exclaimed: "It looks exactly like my Uncle Oscar!". The selection of the winners is done in two stages: in the first stage there is an Academy Award nomination for five candidates, nominated by the Academy members who belong to the same specialties as the nominees. In the second stage, the winner of each category is elected by a secret vote attended by all members of the Academy, regardless of their specialty. Because of the secret vote, none of the Academy members know the anticipated results. The poll is carried out by a prestigious accountancy review firm, which is charged with centralizing votes and keeping the results secret so that until the ceremony the envelope remains sealed without the results being known. Let's see how much do you know about this award named "Oscar"!

Question 1 from 10: What is the name of the movie that won the Oscar for the best film in 2013?
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