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Optical phenomenon

Optical phenomenon Optics is a branch of physics that studies the properties, factors and nature of light, how it is produced, and the laws of propagation and interaction of light with matter. Let's see how good you are at "Optical phenomenon"

Question 1 from 9: The light sources are:
Question 2 from 9: Translucent bodies are:
Question 3 from 9: Opaque bodies are:
Question 4 from 9: The Moon Eclipse occurs when:
Question 5 from 9: Solar Eclipse occurs when:
Question 6 from 9: Reflection of light is a/an:
Question 7 from 9: Transparent bodies are:
Question 8 from 9: Reflection of light occurs when:
Question 9 from 9: The image of a luminous object through a convergent lens between the focus and the double focal length is: