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How smart do you think you are?

How smart do you think you are? Intelligence tests are psychological tests that are designed to measure a variety of mental functions, such as reasoning, comprehension, and judgment.The goal of intelligence tests is to obtain an idea of the person's intellectual potential. Try to solve this test to found how smart you are.

Question 1 from 10: How many times does the clock hands (the one that shows the hour and the one that shows the minutes) form a 90 degrees angle within 12 hours?
Question 2 from 10: A lady, trying to hide her real age, answeres to the next question: "How old are you?". "I am 22, if I don't count the weekends and one month in every summer ". What's the lady's age?
Question 3 from 10: Anna, Bill, Cindy and Daniel have to finish a project. Anna, Bill si Cindy can finish the project in 10 days; Bill, Cindy si Daniel can finish the project in 11 days; Cindy, Daniel, si Anna can finish the project in 12 days; Daniel, Anna si Bill 13 days. Wich one of them has the best performances?
Question 4 from 10: The number of the remain hours from one day is half of the number of past hours. What time is it?
Question 5 from 10: There are 4 boys with different ages. The younger one's age is bigger than 1 year. How old is the oldest boy knowing that if we multiply theirs ages we get 792 years?
Question 6 from 10: Three appels have been weighted in pairs and they have the next weights: 200 g, 204 g and 208. What is the weightless apple?
Question 7 from 10: Three qualified workers and four unqualified workers can build a wall in 5 days, but two qualified workers and four unqualified workers can build a wall in 6 days. What category of workers is the more productive one?
Question 8 from 10: A watermelon weighs 5 kg and it has 95% water. What is the weight of the same watermelon if it has 75% water.
Question 9 from 10: A group of 9 persons has to write a project. Each one of them has to write a chapter and send it with a mail. What is the lowest number of mails that need to be sent so every person in the group can have the final form of the project.
Question 10 from 10: To set two pictures on a wall requires at least 6 drawing pins because the corners can overlap . What is the minimum number of drawing pins to catch 11 pictures?