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How Much Do You Know About The World?

How Much Do You Know About The World? Only 4% of the population can pass this geography test. Can you?Today we will walk you through all corners of the world and test your geography knowledge! Complete the general culture test and put your memory to the test!

Question 1 from 8: What is Canada's largest island?
Question 2 from 8: What is the capital of South Korea?
Question 3 from 8: Japan has left-hand side traffic.
Question 4 from 8: Which of these countries is NOT located in Africa?
Question 5 from 8: What is the region conjoining Pakistan, India, and China with unknown leadership called?
Question 6 from 8: The Hunua Ranges is located in...
Question 7 from 8: Which of the following languages does NOT use the Latin alphabet?
Question 8 from 8: What is the nickname for the US state Delaware?