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General English

General English Knowledge of English is necessary for engaging in certain areas, professions or occupations. The result of this need is that over a billion people around the world speak English at least at a basic level. English is also one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations. Test your English skills by solving this test!

Question 1 from 10: When I met Professor Hopkins I thought I ... him somewhere before but I ...exactly where.
Question 2 from 10: As he .. around through that huge waiting room it occurred to him that the job he ...for wouldn't suit him at all.
Question 3 from 10: ...job advertisements in newspapers ... his main occupation ever since he lost his previous job.
Question 4 from 10: Our magazine ... a special Christmas edition this winter.
Question 5 from 10: Someone ... that success is made of 1% inspirationd and 99% perspiration!
Question 6 from 10: Warm clothing ... you from the effects of cold weather.
Question 7 from 10: Choose the best reported speech variant(s) for the sentence: "Jenny might be late for the meeting. She has just found out about it".
Question 8 from 10: Choose the best rephrasing(s) for the sentence:
Question 9 from 10: His proposal has been turned ... due to the constant lack of funds to finance new projects.
Question 10 from 10: The Germans decided to ... the negotiations with their Italian partners because the latter were late almost every meeting.