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Do you think that you are a genius to history?Prove it!

Do you think that you are a genius to history?Prove it! Try this test to show us if you're a genius!Few questions about the war from all of the world.Put on your thinking caps and tackle a challenge devoted to general knowledge that covers history from ancient times through the latest century.Take this multiple-choice challenge to learn about one of the most devastating conflicts in the history of the planet.

Question 1 from 8: Which country had an "Orange Revolution" between 2004 and 2005?
Question 2 from 8: Who led the Communist Revolution of Russia?
Question 3 from 8: Which one of these was not a beach landing site in the Invasion of Normandy?
Question 4 from 8: The Hagia Sophia was commissioned by which emperor of the Byzantine Empire?
Question 5 from 8: What were the first states to break away from Yugoslavia?
Question 6 from 8: Which building was set aflame on August 24th, 1812?
Question 7 from 8: In which year did the First World War begin?
Question 8 from 8: When did Norway become free from Sweden?