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Do you know all of the details about the game world?

Do you know all of the details about the game world? If you know many details about video games and you are a big fan you need to try this quiz.

Question 1 from 10: In Guild Wars 2, what is the name of the legendary rainbow fish harpoon gun?
Question 2 from 10: Capcom's survival horror title Dead Rising, canonically starts on what day of September 2006?
Question 3 from 10: What was Frank West's job in "Dead Rising"?
Question 4 from 10: What game was used to advertise Steam?
Question 5 from 10: The Ace Attorney trilogy was suppose to end with "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Trials and Tribulations" as its final game.
Question 6 from 10: Who composed the soundtrack for the game VVVVVV?
Question 7 from 10: Which of these "Worms" games featured 3D gameplay?
Question 8 from 10: Which of the following characters is NOT a female marriage candidate in the game Stardew Valley?
Question 9 from 10: What ingredient is NOT used to craft a cake in Minecraft?
Question 10 from 10: In "Sonic the Hedgehog 3" for the Sega Genesis, what is the color of the second Chaos Emerald you can get from Special Stages?