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Discoveries and inventions 2

Discoveries and inventions 2 Inventions are great. Although many of the inventions that seems trivial today, they revolutionized the era in which they appeared. Let's see how much do you know about them! Part 2

Question 1 from 9: The first references to the appearance of potty wheels says that it appeared in what year?
Question 2 from 9: In what century have the Chinese invented gunpowder?
Question 3 from 9: In what year did the Swiss banker and writer, Jean-Henri Dunant, set the foundations of the "Red Cross"?
Question 4 from 9: When did the French doctor, Ambrosie Pare, made the bases of surgery?
Question 5 from 9: When and where was the wheel invented?
Question 6 from 9: When was the Law of Gravity declared by Isaac Newton?
Question 7 from 9: When did the Sumerian invent the cuneiform writing?
Question 8 from 9: When did Archimedes discover that a body immersed in water is pushed from the bottom up with a force equal to the weight of the water flowing from the vessel?
Question 9 from 9: When was invented the archebus, a big, heavy and primitive rifle that recharged in the mouth?