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Curiosities in the animal world

Curiosities in the animal world Nature is a pice of heaven when it preserves unspoilt fauna and flora when plants and animals live freely in their natural habitat. Animals are eukaryotic and pluricellular organisms, separating them from bacteria and most of the antiscites, with heterotrophic feeding, usually digesting food in a digestive tract, separating them from plants and algae. They differ from plants, algae and fungi due to the lack of rigid cell walls and the fact that most animals are mobile, except for certain stages of development, or corals, sea sponges. Solve this test and find out how much do you know about animals!

Question 1 from 9: What is the name of the eagle species, what is a monument of nature and considered to be disappeared from Romania was observed in 2009 in Mehedinti city, the Topolnita Cave area?
Question 2 from 9: What animal has the longest gestation period among all mammals?
Question 3 from 9: Which is the biggest feline in Europe?
Question 4 from 9: Which is the fastest mammal on the American continent?
Question 5 from 9: How many pairs of members have scorpions and spiders?
Question 6 from 9: Where does the raccoon dog meet in Romania?
Question 7 from 9: Who is the smallest primate in the world and the only one able to release and receive ultrasound, thus communicating beyond human hearing ability?
Question 8 from 9: Piglets elephants are a subspecies of the Asian elephant, who are actually the descendants of an extinct breed in Java. Where do these elephants habitat nowadays?
Question 9 from 9: What is the country with the largest number of cats as pets, a country that has a population of this species of over 70 million copies?