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Cinematography 2

Cinematography 2 "The coloring of the music video is muted, taking on a glow-in-the-dark appearance that enables the cinematography to feel atmospheric without veering toward moodiness." — Caitlin Kelley, Billboard, "K-Pop Boy Band Got7 'Turn Up' in New Music Video for Their Japanese Comeback," 31 Oct. 2017. Are youa true fan of movies ? How much do you know about cinematography? Find out by solving this test!

Question 1 from 10: Who is the director of the movie: "Equilibrium" ?
Question 2 from 10: "The White Cat ,The Black Cat" is a comedy directed by?
Question 3 from 10: The movie:"Tuesday after Christmas" had the opening in what year ........ ?
Question 4 from 10: Actors Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker were successful with what movie?
Question 5 from 10: In what year was the premiere of "True Women" with Angelina Jolie, Dana Delany, Annabeth Gish?
Question 6 from 10: The main male role in the "Around the World in 80 Days" (2004) was played by?
Question 7 from 10: The movie "Bad Girls" had the premiere in what year?
Question 8 from 10: The movie: "Lucky Luke" (2009) was directed by?
Question 9 from 10: The main male role in the movie: "The Westerner" was played by?
Question 10 from 10: The Shrek's voice in "Shrek" belons to ......?