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Beware of carelessness!

Beware of carelessness! It's a fun test. You have to be very careful to find the answers. Let's do it!

Question 1 from 10: How many birthdays have a man at the age of 58 years?
Question 2 from 10: Some months have 31 days, others only 30. How many have 28 days?
Question 3 from 10: Do you have a match and enter a dark room, where there is a candle, an oil lamp and a microwave. What do you light first?
Question 4 from 10: A shepherd has 17 sheep which all die, less 9. How many sheep remains?
Question 5 from 10: Is it possible, in Latin America, a man to marry his widow's sister?
Question 6 from 10: How many animals Moses took with him on the ark?
Question 7 from 10: A plane collapses across the border between Spain and Portugal. Where will the survivors be buried?
Question 8 from 10: Three cats eat three mice in three minutes. In how many minutes, 100 cats eat 100 mice?
Question 9 from 10: On a wire are nine sparrows. A hunter shoots one. How many are left on the wire?
Question 10 from 10: A night watchman receives pension if he dies in the afternoon?