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Are you a big fan of anime?

Are you a big fan of anime? Anime shows from Japan have been a mainstay of American culture for over two decades now. Many people are drawn to the unique plots and animation style. Are you knowledgeable about anime? Prove it.

Question 1 from 8: In the anime "Mr. Osomatsu", how many brothers does Osomatsu-san have?
Question 2 from 8: The heroine of "Humanity Has Declined" is a mediator between humans and what?
Question 3 from 8: In the anime, "Full Metal Panel", who is Kaname's best friend?
Question 4 from 8: The name of the attack "Kamehameha" in Dragon Ball Z was named after a famous king of Hawaii.
Question 5 from 8: Which animation studio produced "Sword Art Online"?
Question 6 from 8: Who is the main character with yellow hair in the anime Naruto?
Question 7 from 8: In Chobits, Hideki found Chii in his apartment.
Question 8 from 8: Who is the true moon princess in Sailor Moon?