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Animal world

 Animal world Behavior of animals shows growth and development during individual life from birth to death, so in nature, learning processes occur frequently depending on the systematic belonging and the way of life of the animals in which they combine with the innate elements of the behavior. How well do you know the world of animals? Find out the following test!

Question 1 from 9: What is the weight an ant can wear?
Question 2 from 9: Which is the fastest animal in the world?
Question 3 from 9: What is the planet's largest mammal?
Question 4 from 9: How far can an adult lion's roar be heard?
Question 5 from 9: What is the only mammal that can not jump?
Question 6 from 9: Under what name is the red panda known?
Question 7 from 9: From what country comes the leash duck?
Question 8 from 9: How long can the turtle live without eating?
Question 9 from 9: What is the fastest land-borne bird that runs 65 km per hour?